Training Aids

Glide Snorkel
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Introductory Center-Mount Technique & Training Snorkel Ideal for Fitness and...
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The ergonomically advanced design of the INSTINCT PADDLES helps teach...
Sprint 16" Rubber Water Ball
This ball can be utilized many ways. Use is in or out of the water for fun....
Finis Hydro Tracker GPS
Map your Open Water Swim with the Hydro Tracker GPS by FINIS. The Hydro...
Finis Turnmaster Pro
The Turnmaster Pro is a portable lane bulkhead designed to maximize lane...
Finis Swimmer's Snorkel Pink
The Swimmer's Snorkel allows swimmers the ability to focus on stroke...
Finis Swim Teaching Platform
The Swim Teaching Platform is a standing deck designed for teaching lessons...
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Finis Hydrospeed Dome Cap
Race faster in the water with the ultra thin and extremely light Hydrospeed...
Finis Agility Paddle
The ergonomically advanced design of the Agility Paddles helps teach swimmers...
Finis Hydro Hip
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True swimming power comes from the hips, which makes the Hydro Hip such an...
Finis Freestyle Snorkel
With the Freestyle Snorkel, swimmers can focus on freestyle stroke technique...
Tempo Trainer Pro
Develop consistency and avoid lulls with a personal pace coach, the Tempo...
Positive Drive Fin
The Positive Drive Fins (PDF’s) use a unique ellipsoidal blade to generate...
FINIS AquaPulse Heart Rate Monitor
Never stop to check your heart rate again. With the AquaPulse® Heart Rate...
Finis Thermal Swim Shirt
Provides warmth to swimmers by trapping body heat with its unique BiPoly fabric.
Finis Reversible Drag Suit
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Reversible style provides two color options with one suit.
Finis Ultimate Drag Suit
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Elevate resistance training with the Ultimate Drag Suit. This universal fit...
Finis Drag Suit
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Increase your aerobic abilities with the Drag Suit. A resistance training...
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