Pool Toys

Toypedo Lite Up Bandit
Recommended for age 5 and older 4 brightly colored bandits in every pack...
Coop Dive Rings
Coop Dive Stremers
COOP® Hydro Dive StreamersTM are a fun diving game for the pool. Each foam...
Aqua World Dive Fish Game
Hot Deal
Aqua World's Dive Fish Game can help to improve motor skills and breath...
Sprint Aqua Football
Time for water football. Small and easy to grip! Fun both in the water and...
Sprint Dive Rings
The Fish Dive Ring set of 4 is a great pool or bath toy. Good for the...
Swim Ways Froggerz
SwimWays® Froggerz™ speedy body boarder pool toys are perfect for the...
Sprint Inflatable Dog for the Swimming Pool or Lake
Looking for the right float for your pool? This dog float fits the bill....
Sprint Tri-Frisbee
Unique style Frisbee. Fun to use in the water and out. Will fly dry or wet.
Sprint Goof Ball
Have ball have fun. This ball is soft and easy to grab hold of. Can be used...
Sprint Inflatable Dragon
Great fun in the pool, lake or river. This large inflatable Dragon is fun...
Sprint Sea Horse Dive Set
This set of 4 sea horses are fun pool toys. When dropped into the pool they...
Sprint 16" Rubber Water Ball
This ball can be utilized many ways. Use is in or out of the water for fun....
Sprint Star Squirts
Get pool toy for beginning swimmers. Encourages hand eye coordination in the...
Sprint Super Size Dive Rings
The Super Sized Dive rings allow for instant fun in the sun at the pool. They...
Sprint Wind Up Toy
No batteries. Just turn the nob wind them up and see them go! Pick your...
Sprint Career Ducks
Pick a career maybe even a couple. Get your ducks for your pool spa or bath.
Sprint Aqua Puppets
Hand puppets for fun. Can be used in the water. Have fun and encourage new...
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