The Foam Kickboard helps swimmers build leg strength by immobilizing the...
Spiderman Marvel Kickboard
Marvel Kickboard Kick-start pool playtime with the SwimWays® KickboardTM...
Starboard Kickboard
Starboard is a good kickboard for training and teaching. The design reduces...
Sprint Euro Competition Kickboard
The Euro Competition Kickboard is a sleek board that cuts through water with...
Wonder Board
Hot Deal
The Sprint Wonderboard is a great piece of equipment for strength building...
Closed cell EVA foam will not chip or absorb water. Colors available Red,...
Children's Rocket Kickboard
Fun, easy grip kickboard!
Children's Flower Kickboard
Fun, easy grip flower design kickboard!
Finis Alignment Kickboard
Helps teach and maintain body alignment for swimmers of all abilities....
Children's Kickboard
Great kickboard for children!