Dive Toys

Sprint Dive Rings
The Fish Dive Ring set of 4 is a great pool or bath toy. Good for the...
Sprint Tri-Frisbee
Unique style Frisbee. Fun to use in the water and out. Will fly dry or wet.
Sprint Sea Horse Dive Set
This set of 4 sea horses are fun pool toys. When dropped into the pool they...
Sprint Super Size Dive Rings
The Super Sized Dive rings allow for instant fun in the sun at the pool. They...
Sprint Family Fun Pack
Just open the package a have pool fun. Enough pool toys for the entire family.
Swim Ways Zoom Ray
Hot Deal
Sleek and stealthy, it's an underwater stunt toy.
Flexible Dive Seahorses
Hot Deal
Four brightly colored seahorses. Squeeze and squirt fun for kids above water.
Sprint Dive Sticks
Hot Deal
Dive Stick Game is a set of submersible, collapsible sticks that have been...
Dive Discs
Hot Deal
Set of six brightly colored discs that flutter as they sink and then stand up...
R/C 6.0 Volt Battery and Charger
Hot Deal
Battery pack and charger designed for use with all SwimWays R/C items.